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The mission of the Bliss Network is to connect community, offer meaningful inspiration, educate readers on real-world sustainable solutions, showcase people finding balance in their lives and pursuing dreams, and to provide suggestions for practice. The aim of both print magazines and digital platforms is to empower readers with tools that allow them to live with balance, integrity, and vitality.

We’re located in Los Angeles, the nation’s center for innovation, spiritual study, creativity, health and fitness. We offer advertisers unmatched opportunities to reach and interact with influential readers through our highly targeted and tightly managed distribution program.

LA Yoga Magazine connects thousands of yoga students, teachers, studio owners, and balance-seekers with information on how to integrate yoga in the modern world. We profile teachers, feature events, showcase people changing communities, share vegetarian recipes, include Ayurvedic and health knowledge, and go backstage with musicians, filmmakers, and other artists.

The Events dot Yoga platform allows us to expand the work we have been doing in Los Angeles for over fifteen years into other key yoga markets across the US. Each of these new markets will be driven by the online business directory, magazine and calendar of events with outreach through weekly newsletters and social media.


By uniting and building yoga, new thought and wellness communities one at a time we can make a positive impact globally.

  • Events Calendar – upcoming events

  • Newsletters – community outreach

  • Social Media – community engagement

Stay informed and inspired, meet like minded people and expand your practice through deals and events.


Events Dot Yoga offers a comprehensive platform for studios, musicians, restaurants, nonprofits, schools, businesses, teachers, students, communities, and individuals to find and share events, listings, stories, articles, and other information for the purposes of living an inspired life full of vitality, health, and joy. City guides allow people to come together in a community across different platforms with common areas of interest.

We believe that people can implement a series of tools that support living a life of health and vitality. These tools are available to us in a variety of formats. Events Dot Yoga offers a platform for discovery of events, businesses, centers, and teachers, the ability to make positive connections with community, and places where we can go to practice or to go on retreat.

Connecting people with businesses, retreat centers, and events.

Event promotion

Platform for connection

Uphold positive online environment with directories

Build and maintain platform that allows online and in-person connections

Healthy lifestyle, vitality and vibrancy,

Community, connection, in person refuge from digital world

Connecting people and places


Positive upliftment

Role models

Real world solution for living your best life

Tools for healthy living





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